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In 2014, our office licensed more than 18,000 resident and non-resident insurance producers. The licensed Surplus Lines Broker is chargeable for reporting the transaction and remitting Surplus Lines taxes to the Wyoming Insurance Division.

If sure insurance protection can’t be procured on terms acceptable to the insureds from approved insurers, such coverages, designated “surplus lines”, could also be procured from unauthorized insurers.

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Your GOOD CREDIT PRICE for a California Surplus Linse Broker Bond is $500. D. This section could also be enforced in a personal civil action and aid could also be awarded against the state. The courtroom might award reasonable lawyer charges, damages and all charges associated with the license application to a party that prevails in an action in opposition to the state for a violation of this section.

NAIC Uniform Utility accepted for surplus lines licensing. Then we’ll get the Surplus Lines Broker Bond proper out to you. Easy.

Insurance corporations do not have to inform the department of appointments. Corporations are required to maintain an internally up to date register of appointed and terminated producers. No fees will likely be assessed for appointments or terminations. The appointment must be recorded in the company register within thirty days of an insurer authorizing a producer to transact enterprise on its behalf.

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We write $15,000 Surplus Lines Broker Bonds in New York. For nonadmitted firms not eligible pursuant to California Insurance Code part 1765.1, advertising is permitted in any media besides media focused primarily at California insureds or prospective insureds, as long as they meet the requirements set forth in California Insurance Code Section 703.1(a) and don’t advertise any information about a specific product.

Your surplus lines broker bond’s cost is a small percentage of the overall quantity of your bond, as decided by your state’s laws. Amounts for these bonds differ between $10,000 in Maryland, and $50,000 in Alabama or Florida.

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1-888-416-0868 or (615) 741-2693 This workplace is responsible for the licensing and regulation of insurance producers, business entities, title businesses, surplus lines agents, car membership agents, training suppliers, public adjusters, public adjuster business entities, crop adjusters, viatical settlement suppliers, brokers and funding agents, moveable electronic vendors and self-service storage insurance amenities. Purposes for inactive” or cancelled” licenses with a status cause other than failure to renew” or canceled for persevering with schooling- reinstatable” will likely be allowed through Resident License ( RL )) Software. In the event that they do hold these statuses these licenses are considered reinstatements and will use Resident License Renewal ( RLR ) Utility.